Employment & Education

Knik Tribal Council is dedicated to helping our tribal members reach and achieve education and job goals. That’s because at KTC we believe there’s no greater resource than our people. No matter where you go in your career, we’re here for you every step of the way.


July 18th is the next Job Club meeting.

The activities of the Job Placement and Training Program will assist tribal members and eligible participants with a variety of services from helping with resumes to referring them to other resources in the community. This program works with Career Development.

1.    Assessments of needs are conducted

2.    General Equivalency Degree

3.    Resume building

4.    Career Assessments

5.    Employment and Training Assistance

The intent of our Job Placement and Training Program is to assist the tribal member in their endeavor to develop a career and training plan. Based on this assessment, the Employment and Training Director will assist them as well as refer them to appropriate resources in our community.