Non-emergency Medical Trans

The KTC Ride service provides rides to any medical facility located in the valley or in the Anchorage bowl area. Card holding Native Americans needing rides must make arrangements with the driver in advance, usually with 2-4 days notice. The following requirements must also be met to receive the ride service. Depending on availability and space, there is no guarantee that you will be given a ride.

1. All riders must have a valid ID, or have a Certificate of Indian Blood card, or be enrolled in the KTC as a member, or have a Native Regional Corporation card to be eligible.

2. All children under the age of 18 must have an escort, preferably, the parent. No one else, other than the person with the appointment, shall be transported. If an escort for an adult is needed, only one person may have the responsibility.

3. No one will be allowed to ride in the vehicle if they are determined to be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs that impair their judgment. You may also be asked to show the prescription for the drug you may be taking if it is a “controlled substance.” Failure to provide the right information will result in a refusal of service.

4. Harassment or rude behavior to any of the occupants in the van will not be tolerated or permitted.

5. Adult broken appointment policy – In our efforts to serve more people, and to get the most benefits out of the ride program, we must implement the following policy. Any failure to be ready for pickup will be considered a broken appointment. This includes not giving the driver 24-hour notice. If three (3) broken appointments occur in a 60-day period, the ride service will not be offered to you for 30 days.

6. Some people are physically unable to tolerate strong or offensive fragrances in a confined space, due to a number of health related issues. Therefore, no heavy or strong colognes or perfumes should be applied prior to riding in the vehicle. This also goes for and other offensive odor.

7. Please allow ample time for the distance that needs to be traveled. Example: Those who live more than 10 miles from the main office on the Parks highway should plan their appointments to be in the 11am to 130pm time frame. Those who live closer and shorter distances should plan for their appointment to be in between the 10AM to 2PM time period. This will allow more people to be served without rushing the service.

8. All passengers MUST fasten their seatbelts while the vehicle is in motion.

9. Future rides will not be scheduled if you’re appointment does not have a definite time. Allowances will be made for those who have no choice but to be a “walk-in”, providing there is time and room for that day’s ride and no rides will be given for emergency purposes.

10. Due to the large number of valley residents using the ride service, regular scheduled visits will not be scheduled, in fairness to everyone.